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WELCOME to retool of rockford

 Buy, Sell, and Trade New And Used Tools!

ReTool buys, sells and trades new and used (but perfectly functional) tools. Our unique combination of offering our customers both new and used tools means ReTool can offer you a real advantage, both for quality and value. After all, many do-it-yourselfers and contractors purchase expensive power tools and hand tools for a specific project - only to use them once or twice and then put them away forever. We also sell a variety of new and factory reconditioned lines as well - everything from nuts and bolts to table saws!

That retail reality has created an exciting opportunity for you the customer. ReTool offers quality used tools, often at less than half of the original retail, as well as factory reconditioned product which still carries the full factory warranty, along with a savings of 20-30% off of the current retail price. 

Come on in check us out for some great deals!

Dave Stenberg

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